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God gives information to the inside man.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Ephesians 3:14-19: for-this-grace I bend my knees towards the Father, .15 out-from Whom all paternal-lineage in (the) heavens and on earth is named, .16 in order that He may give to you according to the wealth of His glory: to be caused-to-be-strong with ability by means of His Spirit into the inside man,

17 Christ to dwell-down by means of belief in your hearts having been rooted and having been founded in love,18 in order that you may be strong-out-from (inside)to comprehend together with all the holy-people what (is) the width and length and height and depth .19 and to know the love of Christ (which is) super-throwing of the knowledge, in order that all the fullness of God may be fulfilled.

Paul writes that it is for this grace (unmerited or undeserved favor) that I bend my knees (curve my knees in homage, worship, submission, prayer)…

· towards the Father (with a purposed reference to the Father of Christ Jesus and of all holy-people in the spirit category),

· out from Whom (originating from God outwards; He is the source from Whom)

· all paternal-lineage (every line of family descent from the father’s side – in this context referring to the Father Who is God)

o within or among the heavens (literally referring to the areas above the earth, but the plural form is figuratively referring to God’s spirit realm)

o and upon earth (literally referring to the area of earth, but figuratively referring to those living in the earthly realm who are members of God’s family)

· is named (being given a name to be called and known-by; God our Father is naming us with His name designating us as belonging to Him and living within His authority and ability),

…for the purpose and result that God our Father would give to you (holy-people, Christians) in accordance with the wealth of His glory (the richness of His importance, splendor, renown):

· to be caused to be strong (made to exert force, have powerful strength, power in effect, exerted strength)

· with ability (by able-power, capability)

· by means of His Spirit (through the Spirit of God Himself; God is Spirit and He is the source)

· into the inside man (the interior, inner, inward, internal man, figuratively referring to the holy spirit life within you).

The “inside man” is the holy spirit within all holy-people (Christians) – it is one part of our present three-part being. Our holy spirit life is figuratively referred to here as the “inside man” because it lives inside of us. The gift of holy spirit does not consist of soul/breath life, or a physical body, nor is it dependent upon the physical outward appearance of the living human-being.

God continues to communicate His information to the spirit within us regarding different situations, circumstances, and topics as we live our everyday lives – and then this spirit manifests God’s information to us. This is true for all holy-people who decide to walk with and for God; as we continue to do that, we become more receptive to God in Christ in our holy spirit working within us.

Paul continues in this prayer towards the Father in order that God would give to the holy-people according to the wealth of His glory: to be caused to be strong with ability by means of His Spirit into the inside man…

· Christ to dwell down (everything relating to the Christ to permanently dwell, settle down, house within you, inhabit you in the walk/behavior category)

· by means of belief in your hearts (through or by way of you believing what God gives you to believe via the gift of holy spirit which is the inside man which is the spirit of Christ within the center/core of your beings)

o and this can occur because you have already been rooted (as a tree’s root spreads all around the earth underneath it to receive the nourishment it needs to sustain itself and to remain where it is situated to receive sunlight)

o and you have already been founded (put or laid as fundamental, as the foundation of a building having been laid)

o in love (within the sphere of action of Godly-love, which all holy-people received from God via the Christ when we received the gift of holy spirit),

…for the purpose and result that you may be strong out from inside of you (you would have inherent strength originating from the spirit within you)…

· to comprehend (to receive this information which is presented to you from your holy spirit life into your minds with eagerness and take hold of it)

· together with all the holy-people (in conjunction with every sanctified-person)

o what is the width (how far across the wide area, the breadth)

o and length (how long/far of a distance it reaches)

o and height (how far upwards, the exalted position)

o and depth (how far downwards, the great purpose and importance)

· and internally related to these four (covering the entire area of love1) is for you

· to personally know (to have a truly active and relative knowing, to be personally knowledgeable of)

· Christ’s love (the Godly-love that Christ has, God’s kind of love belonging to and proceeding from the Anointed-one or Messiah, the love that he has and evidences to/for all holy-people)

o which is super-throwing of the knowledge (surpassing to a greater degree pertaining to the personal knowledge of/from the Christ, as if throwing or casting this knowledge for an extreme distance or measure beyond the limits already attained by holy-people; Paul did not write that Christ’s love has gone past knowledge for then we could not know it!),

…for the purpose and result that all the fullness of God (every part of the filling, all of the fulfillment belonging to and proceeding from God which He makes available to all holy-people) would be fulfilled (made full, accomplished for/with/to/in all of us holy-people in the walk/behavior category as we await the coming of Christ).

Excerpt by permission. (Quantum Christian pp. 163 - 167)

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