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Christ is the Head of the Body

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Colossians 1:18:

and he is the head of the body of the church.

The Lord Jesus Christ (he himself) is…

· the head (figuratively referring to him being the chief or principal part)

· of the body (referring to the one spiritual body of Christ, Christ’s body of people in the spirit category)

· of the church (which is the church of holy-people).

Christ is our life and together we are one body with Christ being the head – we cannot be separated in the spirit category. The gift of holy spirit within us is the deposit or token to assure us that we will definitely receive the fullness of our salvation at a future time.

One body and one spirit; Christ is the head

Ephesians 4:4-7:

.4(for there is) one body and one spirit, according as also you were called in one hope of your calling, .5one Lord, one belief, one baptism, .6one God and Father of all (holy-people), the (One being) upon all and through all and in all –

.7but to each one of us the grace was given according to the measure of the free-gift of Christ.

The truth is that there is:

1. one body (the one spiritual body of Christ of which all holy-people are limbs/members)

2. and one spirit (the one holy spirit life which is the spirit of Christ in all holy-people),

…according as also you were called (just as you have already been invited, and this truth has not changed)…

3. in one hope of your calling (hope is what God gives holy-people to expect to come to pass in the future – within the sphere of action of one hope pertaining to the invitation issued to you and which you accepted),

4. one Lord (one Master who is the resurrected Christ Jesus),

5. one belief (one faith/trust; belief is the information that God makes known to have confidence in with assured certainty and surety – one belief regarding Christ Jesus our Lord),

6. one baptism (one baptism for God’s people today which is to be immersed or surrounded within holy spirit; it is spiritual-water and all holy-people have been washed clean permanently in holy spirit life),

7. one God and Father of all holy-people (only one; there is one God Who is also the Father of all holy-people because we have received the spirit of Christ in us, and God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ),

…specifically God our Father is the One Who is presently and actively continuing to be…

· upon all (on, upon, over, higher up than all holy-people including the Lord Jesus Christ – not that God controls all, but He is above it all, His authority is superior, and He will continue according to what He says no matter what others may do to try to stop Him)

· and through all (through all holy-people including the Lord Jesus Christ – God works by means/way of all of His sons to reach the accomplishment of His intention)

· and in all (within all holy-people including the Lord Jesus Christ because we all have the same holy spirit life) –

…but to each one of us (each holy-person)…

· the grace was given (unmerited or undeserved favor has already been given to each one of us)

· according to (in accordance with, in conformity and proportion to/with)

· the measure of (the word “measure” means: the standard, that by which anything is measured, the limits of the content, the measurement that is set by the content – in this context the standard of content is)

· the free-gift of Christ (the gift that is freely given which is the Christ).

The word translated “free-gift” emphasizes the fact that the gift is freely given, even though the actual gift is a valuable quality item. Each one of us has received the present or gift of holy spirit which is the spirit of Christ in us.

God has not kept the resurrected Christ to Himself, including all that Christ makes available, without allowing people to share and partake of this grace!

God is carrying out and fulfilling His promise which He first spoke in Genesis 3:15 regarding the Christ for redemption and salvation. All holy-people (Christians) have received the same gift of holy spirit which is a free-gift to us – this gift does not change and nobody has more or less holy spirit life.

Excerpt by permission. (Quantum Christian pp. 133 - 135)

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